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Naso CC

Naso CC LITE is a CTI client / Statistics software allowing to process incomming and outgoing telecom traffic in your office. Naso CC extends functionality of PBX with functions like: traffic management, agent’s application which allow to log to the system, display calling client information, statistics on calls and work time.
Naso CC allows you to integrate existing customers database to display information about them during incomming call.

IP phones, softphone

 Naso CC can work either with any IP phone (displaying all information on agent’s application) or with softphone buildin in Agent application

Agent’s application

 Agent’s application allow to log to the system which is also logging to Hunt Groups and notification that agent is ready to process calls. Agent see all information on incomming call (caller ID, customer name, infoline) before anwsering a call. Changing statuses allows to report time used for calls and other activities. Agent can see customer’s history, missed calls, number of waiting customers in all infoline queues. Application have built-in IP softphone.



Web-based agent application:


On incoming call:

Windows-based app

Web-based app

During a call:

Windows-based app

Web-based app



  • Loging to system
  • Changing statuses (active, different types of break)
  • Info on incomming call
  • Info on infoline queue
  • Info on availability of co-workers
  • Customers database
  • Displaying information on incomming call (client’s name, company type, comments)
  • Possibility to comment call / select call type (from predefined list)
  • Automatic dialing (depending on phone type)
  • History of own calls / call of selected client
  • History of own statuses
  • Build-in IP softphone


Supervisor’s application

 Supervisor’s application allow to view current status of all agents, queues on Infoline, preparing analysis on agents work (list of calls, numer of processed calls, agents work performance). It also allows to define lines, users, hunt group assigments. Multilevel user rights allow to define users managing different departments on company.




Reporting tools




  • current status of all agents
  • current status of all lines (call direction, caller id, time of call start)
  • status of hunt groups
  • list of all calls with different filter criteria
  • list of statuses of agents with filter criteria
  • information on hunt groups (currently logged agents, free agents, talking)
  • reports on agents work (work duration, numer of calls processed, number of calls missed, workload on infolines)
  • reports on calls based on different criteria (call direction, infoline, agent, duration of call, direction)
  • hourly distribution of calls (investigating peak hours) splited by answered / missed calls
  • System configuration (users, lines, hunt groups)


Area of usage for Naso CC
Naso CC  is used in many different ways by many businesses including:
Customers Service Departments
Sales Teams
Contact Center
Call Center
Company Management



Supported PBX'es

Our systems work with many PBX systems. Below list of main manufacturers with which we have performed compatibility tests. If your PBX is not on our list please contact with us to verify if we can suport your PBX.

About us

CTI Solutions - software company specializing in telecom systems.

Our offer cover many areas of client management systems fully integrated with telephony systems. We offer both "box versions" of our programs and customized systems prepared according to client's needs.

Our systems are compatible with many types of PBX'es.




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Demo version are fully functional working for 14 days for specified number of users. They are availiable after registration on our webpage.

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