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Naso CC

Contact Center / call center system

Gramma IVR

Interactive Voice Response system

Anthias STAT

Billing and call statistics system

Chromis REC

Call Recording System (analog/ISDN/VOIP/GSM)


Call statistics + CTI client

custom modifications

Possibility to adopt software for special needs


Integration with other IT systems in company


Easy installation & configuration with Grandstream UCM

Web interface

Windows-based and web-based interfaces

CTI Solutions software

 CTI Solutions author's system is an integrated solution for any company which want to improve contact with clients. It covers all company departments providing functionality typical for CRM/Call Center/Contact Center systems.

You dont have to be typical call center / contact center company to notice advantages of using such a system. Each company having customer service department will appreciate advanteages of out system due to standarization of processing clients, providing all information about client and his contact attempts. 

Software suport many channels of contact with a client: voice call, SMS, email, chat. IVR offer flexible management of incomming calls with build in call recording.

Due to modularity of a system each company can fit the system to their personal needs, using only necessary modules that fit specific needs off their clients.


Extend functionality of your Grandstream UCM IP PBX:

  • Call Recording Management
  • advanced Interactive Voice Response
  • CTI client
  • Contact Center / Call Center
  • Call statistics
  • Wallboard
  • Billing
  • Mobile phones integration (call statistics & call recording)

Two versions of interface 

We offer two versions of user interface for our software: Windows-based application or Web-based interface (responsive for both PC and mobile phones)

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Supported PBX'es

Our systems work with many PBX systems. Below list of main manufacturers with which we have performed compatibility tests. If your PBX is not on our list please contact with us to verify if we can suport your PBX.

About us

CTI Solutions - software company specializing in telecom systems.

Our offer cover many areas of client management systems fully integrated with telephony systems. We offer both "box versions" of our programs and customized systems prepared according to client's needs.

Our systems are compatible with many types of PBX'es.




(UTC +01:00 time zone)

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Demo version are fully functional working for 14 days for specified number of users. They are availiable after registration on our webpage.

Download demo


Addr: Siłaczki 3/9 lok 222, 02-495 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48 22 211-22-99
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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